Dervish in Progress has been a modern dance performance for about 20 years. In time, it has become a dance workshop where everyone can participate and be fed mentally, spiritually, or bodily.

The DIP brand appeared with the decision to produce every piece of equipment for everyone interested in embracing DIP sensation!

Thus, DIP family members can have all the clothes and equipment they need to stimulate their ability for the thrift of bodily energy, mental awareness and emotional sensations!

Although the first DIP skirt was made by Ziya Azazi self, the design was developed and diversified by the well known fashion designer ISCHIKO (Ayşe Işık .zgür). ISCHIKO supported Azazi with her designs and productions throughout his career.

Since DIP-SHOP was established, the young designers Ziya Kocatürk has undertaken the role of design and production.


The skirts are individually sewn as a special design. The color, pattern can be selected and even new skirt designs can be created according to the desire.

Please do not hesitate to forward your ideas and questions, and express your needs as well to us.


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